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Guestbook Trevico
18/06/2009 18:01

Un saluto particolare alla Signora Mariangela Cioria e a Patrizia Pizzulo,
Saluti Antonio

23/05/2009 23:15

Frances LoRusso
Boston, MA. USA

Thank you for providing this website. My paternal grandparents came from Trevico and San Sossio Baronia.
I hope to visit next year.

21/03/2009 22:50

Greetings to Emilio Paglia and family

28/02/2009 02:49

I will visit Trevico 26/4/2009. The birthplace of my father Luigi Giovanniello

13/01/2009 02:07


I will be visiting Trevico in april 2009. It will good to back after being away since 1996.

20/12/2008 15:25

My best wishes to town of my fathers birth.I have visited there many times and I am pleased to do so. Luigi Giovanniello

19/12/2008 15:27

Ralph Mallardo
Dracut, MA

Buon Natale! Hope all is well in your wonderful town. It´s been over five years since visiting the home town of my grandmother and hope to get back soon.

16/09/2008 04:33

Julie Giordano
East Rutherford, NJ USA

Greetings to all in Trevico from the Picari family in America.

My grandfather Amato Picari left Trevico a long long time ago. Over 100 years ago. By sheer luck we have recently found our family in your town. Your town is very beautiful and hopefully we can visit somtime next year and see the place where our grandparents came from.

14/09/2008 06:08

Vincent Previti
Naples Florida USA

Mia nonna Antonietta DeMarco Giordano e´ nata l´anno 1894 in Trevico e´ andata a Newark New Jersey USA quando lei ha avuto 15 anni. Io ho visitato Trevico in 1998. Trevico e´ molto interessante e la hospitalita del sindaco Dottore Rossi era stato ottima.

01/09/2008 16:39

Pasquale (pat)
Yardley Pa (USA)

Beautiful website, I was in Trevico in 1966, my parents family are from this town and still have many cousins.

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