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The handicraft The handicraft
The topographical location and conformation of the Baronia have facilitated the development of primordial lines of traffic and commerce...
The ceramics The ceramics
In Carife, in particular, has been taken the traditional production of 'ruagne', artifacts of the local tradition as pots, jugs, plates,...
The baskets The baskets
In S. Nicola Baronia, thanks to numerous sources, spread the cultivation and craftsmanship of the cane for the production of baskets and...
The wrought iron The wrought iron
In Castel Baronia the feature working of animal horn, which were obtained combs, buttons, knife handles, hair clips, has...
The wood The wood
The carpenter was one of the most popular and profitable art of the past that was learned from one of the many masters of the country...
The embroidery The embroidery
The work of embroidery is an ancient art that is learned in the past by older and experienced embroiderers of the country. The main aim was to...
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