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The Territory The Territory
Currently the Baronia includes the towns of Trevico, Vallesaccarda, Scampitella, Vallata, Carife, Castel Baronia, S. Nicola Baronia, S. Sossio...
The Forests The Forests
The territory of Trevico, completely surrounded by nature, is full of woods and pine forests where you can breathe fresh air, crystal clear and clean, especially...
The Rivers The Rivers
Ufita river, right tributary of Calore, comes from the western slope of the plateau of Formicoso, licks the foot of the mountain of Trevico...
The climate The climate
Given its location, the climate of Trevico is particularly hard. Its isolated peak, the only to the Adriatic, is exposed to all winds...
The fountains The fountains
The territory of Trevico is dotted of sources on which were built many fountains from which the water still flows...
The panorama The panorama
From a height of 1094 meters, Trevico dominates the entire valley. The visual space, 360°, moves from the Gulf of Manfredonia and the mountains of Cervialto and Terminio...
The neviere The neviere
The neviere was underground places very deep (about 8 meters), made of lava stone and mortar, where the snow was piled up to produce...
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