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Food and wine

The gastronomy The gastronomy
The gastronomy of the Baronia of Vico is characterized by numerous typical and genuine products: extra virgin oil of Carife, Castel Baronia and...
The chestnuts The chestnuts
In the country of Trevico dominate chestnut trees. This fruit has been appreciated since ancient times. The Etruscans, who cultivated chestnut...
The potatoes The potatoes
Other typical products are potatoes, very popular in the area because they are considered easy to cook and adapted to any type of...
The cheeses The cheeses
Very popular among the farmers the production of cheese that you can find both fresh and aged...
The meats The meats
In farming communities the pig was raised over all other animal as a source of reserves for the whole year. Purchased at fairs in August or...
The wine The wine
The area of Irpinia is rich in vineyards that produce wines of excellent quality. The Aglianico is the most portable and requires a good...
The oil The oil
The territory of the Barony is also characterized by the cultivation of olive trees, from which you get a good extra virgin oil, so that is Flumeri...
The pasta The pasta
Very popular, locally, is the production of fresh pasta that is obtained by mixing flour and water. Once you have a soft dough, the dough...
The recipes The recipes
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