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The history

The Baronia of Vico The Baronia of Vico
n 37 BC, the Roman poet Horace, on his way from Rome to Brindisi with Mecenate, Cocceio Capitone, Nerva Prozio and Vario halted...
Origin of name Origin of name
The town's name probably derives from the Latin "Tres Vici", which refers to a set of three villages: the S. Joseph and Tavern of Nuts in...
The emblem The emblem
The emblem of the City of Trevico shows three peaks topped by a tower flanked by two pine and is surmounted by a crown marquis...
The Diocese The Diocese
Trevico was bishopric for about a millennium (hence also the reason of the title of City), probably from 1058, when it is cited...
The feudal lords The feudal lords
List of Trevico feudal lords from XIV century to XIX century according to the reconstruction shown in...
The Marquesas The Marquesas
List of the Marquis of Trevico from XVI to XIX century according to the reconstruction shown in...
The Bishops The Bishops
The following is a list of possible bishops who have succeeded in the Diocese of Trevico...
The Mayors The Mayors
List of mayors of Trevico from 1809 to present...
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