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Association Irpinia Mia Association Irpinia Mia
The Association My Irpinia is born in the 2008 to Trevico like agency having cultural scope, that it pursues exclusively purpose of social usefullness, nonprofit...
Illustrious figures Illustrious figures
Trevico gave birth to famous people: cardinals, bishops, masters in theology, seminary rectors, directors...
Authors of Irpinia Authors of Irpinia
List of some authors of Irpinia and their works...
Books Books
Books written about Trevico and Baronia and some documents taken from ancient texts...
Proverbs Proverbs
The proverbs of a people they reflect the soul and mind. They are the key to understanding the reality through the popular culture, which then, is one of the highest expressions...
Remember when Remember when...
In this section you can post your memories of Trevico: your childhood, anecdotes, adventures, fun episodes...
Emigrants of Trevico Emigrants of Trevico
The Great Migration and the stories of migrants trevicani...
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