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Events 2008

Presepe vivente 24/12/2008  -
Nativity scene
The children of the Catechism and of the Catholic Action present the Nativity during the Christmas mass.
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Le castagne di Trevico 30/11/2008  -
The chestnuts of Trevico
The art of weaving and sweets displayed at Palace Scola.
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La terra si è fermata 24/08/2008  -
La terra si è fermata
Presentation of book of Gerardo Scola, Enogastronomic Station, hours 17.00.
Feste su misura 11/08/2008  - 30/08/2008
Holiday to measure
A series of initiatives will brighten the summer of Trevico.
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Mostra di fotografia e poesia 02/08/2008  - 14/08/2008
Photo and poetry exhibition
Near Palace Scola will be an exhibition of photography and poetry of Competition, open every day from 2 to 14 August.
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