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Events 2011

Concerto di Natale 26/12/2011  -
Christmas Concert
Christmas Concert "The Singers of Caudium." Ancient Cathedral, 18.00.
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Gemellaggio Trevico-Salerno 30/10/2011  -
Twinning Trevico-Salerno
It strengthens the partnership between the associations Irpinia Mia of Trevico and Artists Salernitani of Salerno. The meeting will take place October 30 in Trevico, in Enogastronomic Station at presence of the mayor.
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Festa della Madonna della Libera 08/09/2011  -
Feast of Madonna of Libera
Madonna della Libera and coronation of the new Statue of artists Perathoner of Ortisei (BZ)
Presentazione dell´Opera "AMEN MARIA" di Cristina di Gesù Crocifisso 07/09/2011  -
Presentation of the Work "AMEN MARIA" of Christina of Jesus Crucified
To houre 19.00, at the Cathedral of Trevico, will present the new work by Cristina of Lagopesole at the presence of various speakers.
Cinema sotto le stelle - Baronia Film Festival 19/08/2011  -
Cinema under the stars - Baronia Film Festival
at 20.30 Film festival awards ceremony "Baronia Film Festival" - at 21.00 "Benvenuti al sud" Film
Cinema sotto le stelle - Baronia Film Festival 16/08/2011  -
Cinema under the stars - Baronia Film Festival
at 20.00 Rango - Cartoon for children at 22.00 "Femmine contro maschi" Film
Pasquale Stanislao Mancini e la questione Stato-Chiesa 16/08/2011  -
Pasquale Stanislao Mancini and the question Church-State
The Association P.S. Mancini of Trevico present the lectio magistralis of the magistrate Aldo Scola
Cinema sotto le stelle - Baronia Film Festival 14/08/2011  -
Cinema under the stars - Baronia Film Festival
at 21.00 "C´eravamo tanto amati" Tribute to Ettore Scola - San Rocco
Sant´Euplio 12/08/2011  -
Saint Euplio
Euplius Patron Saint, martyr of Catania.
"Percorsi di Arti visive per l´Europa" 08/08/2011  - 16/08/2011
"Pathways of visual arts for Europe"
Itinerant exhibition sponsored by ARTEUROPA of Avellino and AURA of Udine with the Association Irpinia My Trevico and the city of Trevico.
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Concorso Irpinia Mia 07/08/2011  -
Competition Irpinia Mia
The Association Irpinia Mia awards the winners of the eighth edition 2011.
Pizza sotto le stelle 06/08/2011  - 10/08/2011
Pizza under the stars
Five evenings dedicated to pizza, organized by the Municipality of Trevico and the Association Pizza & Pizza.
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Concorso di Pittura Estemporanea "Scorci di Trevico" 06/08/2011  -
Painting Competition "Views of Trevico"
The Association Irpinia Mia organizes a Painting Contest Extemporaneous to paint views of Trevico.
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Concorso "Goccia Blu" 13/05/2011  -
Compettion "Goccia Blu"
The Association Irpinia Mia receive plaque from competition "Goccia Blu" organized by the Alto Calore Servizi of Avellino.
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Gemellaggio Trevico - Salerno 08/05/2011  -
Twinning Trevico - Salerno
The City of Trevico and the Association
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Celebrazione dell´Unità d´Italia 16/03/2011  -
Celebration of Unification of Italy
Castel Baronia native city of Pasquale Stanislao Mancini and Trevico, center of the Association P.S. Mancini, celebrate the Unification of Italy.
Sfilata di Carnevale 08/03/2011  -
Carnival Parade
The Association Irpinia Mia organizes a Carnival parade through the streets of country, followed by popular games and sweets buffet.
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Poeti dialettali irpini del ´900 05/01/2011  -
Dialect poets of Irpinia in ´900
The City of Trevico and Documentation Center on the poetry of South have a full program of poetry readings edited by Franca Molinaro. At the conclusion the parade of of chestnut wreath along 50 meters made ​​by Mariangela Cioria.
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