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Events 2012

Il Natale degli alunni della scuola di Trevico 21/12/2012  -
The Christmas of school pupils of Trevico
The pupils of the school of Childhood, Primary and Secondary first degree invite you to the event which will be held Friday 21/12 at 14:30 at the premises of the school of Trevico.
Festa della Madonna della Libera e di San Vito 07/09/2012  - 09/09/2012
Feast of Madonna of Libera and S. Vito
Celebrations in honor of the Madonna of Libera with Mass and Solemn Procession. September 9 dedicated to St. Vito in homonymous village.
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Festa Patronale di S. Euplio 12/08/2012  -
Patronal feast of S. Euplio
Feast of St. Euplio, Patron of Trevico and Francavilla of Sicily (Messina), Patron of the Archdiocese of Catania
Baronia Film Festival 09/08/2012  - 19/08/2012
Baronia Film Festival
The City of Trevico presents the second edition of Baronia Film Festival with a series of films and the presentation of "The Trevicante", dedicated to Ettore Scola
IX Edizione Concorso Irpinia Mia 05/08/2012  -

Awarding of the winners of the ninth edition of the Competition Irpinia Mia with the participation of the Director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Lo Russo, and the Bolognese artist Poggipollini.
Trevico Estate 2012 05/08/2012  - 26/08/2012
Trevico summer 2012
The City of Trevico presents Summer 2012, a full calendar of events throughout the month of August
Madonna di Fatima 16/06/2012  -
Madonna of Fatima
Immaculate Heart of Maria in the Church of V. Farullo. Mass and procession
S. Antonio da Padova 13/06/2012  -
S. Antonio of Padova
Solemn Mass with singing of the church choir and blessing of bread of poor. Solemn procession
Corpus Domini 10/06/2012  -
Corpus Domini
Procession and Blessing of the garlanded prepared in the country.
Musical Pinocchio 09/06/2012  -
Musical Pinocchio
Students at the school of Trevico will perform in the Musical "Pinocchio." 10.00 am at the local of school.
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Festa della Madonna dell´Addolorata 29/05/2012  -
Feast of Madonna of Addolorata
Feast of Madonna of Libera with Mass at 11.00 and triumphal procession through the streets of town.
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Pellegrinaggio alla Madonna di Anzano 28/05/2012  -
Pilgrimage to Madonna of Anzano
Traditional pilgrimage to Madonna of Anzano di Puglia. Departure 7.00 am from the Cathedral.
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Festa del volontariato 25/05/2012  -
Day of Volunteering
First Day of volunteering organized by the Civil Protection of Flumeri in collaboration with the Institute "G. Pascoli" of Trevico and Vallata, with exhibition of works made by students at the school of Trevico. Station culinary 15.30.
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Processione del Calvario 06/04/2012  -
Procession of Calvary
Traditional procession of Calvary. Cathedral at 19.30.
I falò di S. Giuseppe 19/03/2012  -
The bonfires of St. Joseph
At 20.00 are lit the traditional bonfires of S. Joseph accompanied by songs, dances and roasts.
Presentazione del periodico Vicum 07/01/2012  -
Presentation of the journal Vicum
17.30 - In the headquarters of P.S. Mancini, in V. N. Petrilli presentation of the magazine VICUM, the second half of 2011, Lucia Lapenna coordinator.
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Concerto Epifanico dei Madrigalisti di Caudium 07/01/2012  -
Epiphanius concert of madrigals of Caudium
In the Cathedral the Epiphany concert Madrigalisti of Caudium conducted by Maestro Pompeo Ferraro.
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