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Events 2015

Il freddo, il silenzio e le cose nuove 18/11/2015  -
The cold, the silence and the new things
Wednesday 18 in Treviso, at 19.00, at the birthplace of Ettore Scola, will be presented the film project "The cold, the silence and the new things."
Mestieri Domani su TG2 EAT PARADE 25/09/2015  -
Mestieri Domani on TG2 EAT PARADE
Mestieri Domani will presented Friday, September 25, at 13.30, on TG 2 Eat Parade
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Festa di S. Vito 09/09/2015  -
Feast of S. Vito
Feast of St. Vitus in the homonymous village with holy mass and procession
Madonna della Libera 08/09/2015  -
Madonna of Libera
Feast of Madonna of Libera with procession
Tg Itinerante di Rai 3 a Trevico 22/08/2015  -
Itinerant tg Rai 3 in Trevico
Saturday, August 22 p.v. Tg "Itinerant" Rai 3 will stop in Trevico in the context of the promotion of the territories of Campania.
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Vieni a cena con noi? 21/08/2015  -
Have dinner with us?
Supporters of the mission Smyrna organize charity dinner, Station Enogastronomica, 19.30.
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Sagra del Peperone Ripieno 20/08/2015  -
Festival of Pepper
Town Hall of Trevico and Pro Loco Trevico organize the Festival of Pepper Stuffing. August 20, at 20.00, Station Enogastronomic
Il tempo delle streghe 19/08/2015  -
Time witches
Screening of play of Prof. Elena Cuoco. 17:00 Palazzo Scola
Concorso Irpinia Mia 16/08/2015  -
Premiazione dei vincitori della XII Edizione. Ore 17.00 Palazzo Scola
Award ceremony of the XII edition. 17.00 Palazzo Scola
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S. Euplio 12/08/2015  -
S. Euplio
Celebration of the Martyrdom "Dies Natalis" of Euplio
Cartolina da Trevico 12/08/2015  -
Postcard from Trevico
The heading "Postcards from ..." Otto Channel discovering Trevico
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Dire fare mangiare 10/08/2015  -
Dire fare mangiare
Mariangela Cioria presents pepperoni filling
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Libri a Palazzo 09/08/2015  - 06/09/2015
Books to Palazzo
National Book Festival in collaboration with the City of Trevico, Youth Forum of Trevico
Mestieri Domani 08/08/2015  - 09/08/2015
Mestieri Domani
Exhibition on ancient crafts reinterpreted by young designers. Presentation of the book "Tomorrow Crafts" Mariangela Cioria. 18.00 Palazzo Scola
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Giornata del benessere fisico e alimentare 22/03/2015  -
Day of physical and food
Will be held at Palazzo Scola, 9.30, the first edition of the Day of physical and food for the elderly organized by Omnia Irpinia
Secondo Meeting Informativo per le Pari Opportunità 11/03/2015  -
Second Informative Meeting for Equal Opportunities
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 from 9:30 am, will be held at the Palazzo Scola Trevico of the Second Meeting Informative for Equal Opportunities, planned under Action 2 "Women Friendly Firms". Project TIME.
Il cinema a scuola 09/03/2015  - 10/03/2015
The cinema at school
Social engagement in film by Ettore Scola. Meeting with Silvia Scola, March 9 in Trevico 18.00; March 10 Ariano 10.30 Municipal Auditorium
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Carnevale Trevicano 17/02/2015  -
Carnival of Trevico
From 16.00, at the gym Trevico, Kids Carnival, with entertainment and games for children
PROGETTO T.E.M.P.O. - PROIEZIONE FILM "Artemisia, passione estrema" 24/01/2015  -
PROJECT T.E.M.P.O. - FILM SCREENING "Artemisia, extreme passion"
We are at the penultimate meeting at the Palazzo Scola - TREVICO, the film festival. HOURS 16:00 to 20:00 FILM SCREENING "Artemisia, extreme passion, directed by A. Merlot. FILM SCREENING AND DEBATE on reconciliation with Dr. In-Rauseo Psychologist Psychotherapist Transactional Analysis and Angelo Scaperrotta
PROGETTO T.E.M.P.O. - Proiezione del film Pane e Tulipani 17/01/2015  -
PROJECT T.E.M.P.O. - Screening of the film Bread and Tulips
The meetings at the Palace Scola - TREVICO. HOURS 16:00 to 20:00
PROGETTO T.E.M.P.O. - PROIEZIONE FILM "Il cerchio" 10/01/2015  -
PROJECT T.E.M.P.O. - Screening of the film "The Circle"
Saturday, January 10 HOURS 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Palazzo Scola, Trevico (AV).
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