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  • Irpiniaccanto - Portal of Irpinia high-quality on-line with detailed information on provincial attractions.
  • Irpinia Oggi - Daily online Avellino province. News in real-time news, current events, economics, politics, avellino football, basketball avellino, sport.
  • Corriere Irpinia - Irpinia newspaper founded and directed by Giovanni Festa.
  • Irpinia news - Multimedial newspapers dedicated to information of irpina on politics, news, current affairs, culture and sport of Avellino and province.
  • Paesi On Line - Tourist information, tours and holidays over all world.
  • Parrocchia di Trevico - The site of the parish of Trevico and its patron St. Euplio.
  • Vicum - Associazione P.S. Mancini - Quarterly magazine of Irpinia, realized from the Association P.S. Mancini, Trevico.
  • Gazzetta dell´Irpinia - Daily online sports and culture
  • L´Irpinia - Journal of politics, economics, culture and sport
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