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Second Prize
Section Poetry
of Gialannella Anna

le radici
come albero
in sito coatto.
i confini
sono stretti
poca luce alla mente
poco spazio al respiro.
Gli affetti
catene pesanti.
Si cresce a fatica
le braccia
verso orizzonti lontani.
Ma qui
si tende
a tornare
da ogni viaggio.
La spinta
č sempre poco decisa
per spiccare il volo.

29 luglio 2005
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The long series of enjambmant strongly testifies the intolerance towards a world that breaks the wings, that oppresses, that destroys the psychosis of who watches far away.
The tie with the earth appears strong, the push in order to detach the flight is always too much weak, emerges the desire to escape, to leave the place where like a tree, sinks the roots. But the tree draws force from the earth mother to the contrary of the author that confuses the affections with heavy chains, stocks that withhold it prisoner in tight borders and spaces without light.
The continuous get by between the wish and the having to be, between the truth and the dream, reveals a unsatisfied mind that it does not find relief in its horizon mountain but its beyond where the look excludes the infinite.
Franca Molinaro
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