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Association Irpinia Mia

Main activities

The Association My Irpinia is born in the 2008 to Trevico like agency having cultural scope, that it pursues exclusively purpose of social usefullness, nonprofit, not even indirect, neither of economic, political or trade-union type.
The Association has for object the development of activity in the following fields:
  • the valorization and the promotion of the culture, the history and the local traditions, reported in species to the territory of the Municipality of Trevico and, more in general terms of the Baronia and the Irpinia;
  • the valorization and the promotion of the peculiarities social-cultural and gastronomic local;
  • the promotion of instruction, with reference to the activities of which before;
  • the protection, the promotion and the valorization of the assets of interest historical, artistic and cultural, with detail - but not exclusive - reference to the territory of Trevico;
  • the protection and the valorization of the nature and the environment;
  • the recalling of the traditions of the past pertaining to the community of the Baronia in order to offer also to the new generations the acquaintance of the uses and the customs since that time, still lives in the memory of the elderly;
and it's taken advantage mainly from personal, voluntary, spontaneous and free work of own associates.

Main activities
Competition My Irpinia: born in 2004 on initiative of Mariangela Cioria and Patrizia Pizzulo, from 2008 is followed by the Association and sees every year the share of competitors from every part of Italy. The competition is divided in two sections, photo and poetry and is receiving success near the our emigrant of Irpinia that mostly have miss of the places of origin. The announcement is launched every year on the site where is possible to find the winners of the preceding editions.

Events: the Association organizes demonstrations having to object the culture and the traditions of Irpinia and Baronia of Vico. In 2008 has organized the demonstration "The art of the interlacement" of chestnuts, during which skilled hands of elderly experts have realized baskets of various forms and measures, stars, rhombuses, shoes etc.

Publications: the Association takes care of publication and diffusion of publications and books of cultural and historical interest that concern the Irpinia and particularly the Baronia of Vico. In 2009 has published the book of Mariangela Cioria "A world of ancient tastes" in which the author, in love of the Irpinia, of that perfumes and tastes that they constitute the symbol of his history and his traditions, introduces the ancient recipes of our grandmothers bringing us in an ancient and poor kitchen, inspired to the need, that finds really in the modesty of the ingredients his refinement.
From searches give for this last book, born the dvd "A World of Ancient Tastes Story", a harvest of tapes on the traditions enogastronomic local of Irpinia turned really on the occasion of the realization of the book. The Association My Irpinia of Trevico, has taken care the realization of this dvd with the intent, not only to spread the traditions of Irpinia, but above all to destine the picked funds through his sale to the populations of Africa.
Currently the Association is preparing a booklet containing testimonies of those who have done traditional crafts, "Crafts and Masters", which can be previewed by clicking here. Pays your contribution to achieving the printing using the account number of the Association.

The Association can admit the share, as in partnership, of third subjects, is them physical people, juridical, corporate body, private or public, previous payment of the relative quota of registration, fixed in Euro 10,00.
The associates have right to:
  • attend the place of Association;
  • participate to meetings of Association;
  • express really straight of vote in meetings;
  • make use of available services of Association;
The associates owe:
  • respect the statute of Association;
  • participate to meetings of Association;
  • honor the annual payment of Associative quota;
  • furnish information and useful news to attainment of associative purposes;
  • inform the association with a warning than at least 90 days, to half recommended letter, of the intention to recede from the quality of associate and however this cannot be anterior a year from the date of registration.
  • President - Maria Raffaella Calabrede De Feo
  • Vice-President - Giovanniello Walter

Association My Irpinia
V. D. Alighieri, 10
83058 Trevico AV
C.F.: 90011490647
IBAN: IT 62 S 07601 15100 000097074306
C/C: 97074306

The quota of registration has fixed in Euro 10,00 and can directly be versed to the Association or on the postal current account n.97074306 headed to: Association My Irpinia, V. D. Alighieri 10, 83058 Trevico, AV.

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