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Competition My Irpinia 2005 << Back

First Prize
Section Photography
of Luciano La Ferrara
Mountains behind Bisaccia
Second prize >>

When the sky loses its natural color and the sun is not rounder, there is space for every thought, every human imagination. The fog is transformed in sevage fluctuating that accompanies the warmth slide of hours. Underside countries and people still rest, civilization of mountain dwellers accustomed to disappear and reappear like ghost attached to slow appearing motion of sun.
The horizon, marked from various warmth sinfony of red, degrades in the aerial perspective, the vanished perimeter of mounts, from the Calaggio to the Calvario, summits austere stand out on the human passions. In foreground, the tree, Friedrich, wayfarer on the fog sea, mark one proporzional medium with the infinite, offer themselves like real connotation surrealistic, stabilizing energetic that recalls the mind from the dream to waking.
Optimal the chromatic and perspective yield, perfect the optical illusion.
Franca Molinaro
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