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Competition My Irpinia 2005 << Back

Second Prize
Section Photography
of Tarchini Pietro
Conza ghost country
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The phantom of the rocky agglomerate, illuminated from a left flare, stands out against the ice sky. The shaving light of the lamppost does not heat the monochromy that spaces in the cold tones of the blue, like in a painting of Caravaggio, evidences the real moment, desolation of the null. The dam, mirrorof ice, reflect the polar sky, delimiting itself in a horizon ended from far mounts of the High Irpinia. Empty trees contribute to render the landscape spectral and to freeze in heart every dumb feeling of love. The crowded shadow of the foreground creates an abyss that removes the image mainly freezing it in a metaphysical space esplorable exclusively from the fantasy.
Excellent the chromatic yield, perfect the interpretation of the topic.
Franca Molinaro
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