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Competition My Irpinia 2005 << Back

Third Prize
Section Photography
of Silano Paola
Fairy-tale Irpinia
<< Second prize

Expanses of stubbles long like kisses of in love crowds forgiveness to the horizon where the Irpinia is now Daunia. Fairy earth that quiets every audacious spirit and dampens, in the monochromy of the green, every human passion, cancels every human sin.
The mind is extended between the unlimited fields where nests, calm, the lark and the quail, between wild oats threads and 'ogliarella', rests on the soft breasts adorns from green pillows.
Little human takeovers testify the presence of etnic grous give birth from the earth, only the massive size of the bridge on the Fiumarella betray the serene undulate of fields degrading towards the luminous sky, from the mount of Trevico to Anzano of Puglia; but it is a far vision that gets lost between the necks and the spots of scrubs. Between humors of the horizon, like a hardly percepibile vision in an eye blow, Scampitella emerges.
The various plans of horizon confer to the image a wide breath, the depth of field rendered from the chromatic perspective, allow the look to space wide like from a height of beyond 740 meters.
Franca Molinaro
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