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Madonna of Addolorata

Madonna of Addolorata
The cult of the Madonna of Addolorata spreads around the twelfth century, after numerous appearances, and is linked to the Holy Week. His feast is celebrated on Tuesday after Pentecost, and to it is dedicated the homonymous church that is located in the homonymous square of the old town. Her black dress with gold embroidery, symbolizes the suffering and pains supported in the passion of the Son.
The day before his feast it is traditional to make a pilgrimage on foot to Anzano of Puglia to celebrate S. Maria of Anzano in Silice waiting pilgrims on the outskirts of the village. Upon returning Trevico, always on foot, the pilgrims are welcomed by Madonna Addolorata that, shoulders, is brought into the church in procession.
On Good Friday, the Madonna of Addolorata goes to meet the procession to Calvary who returns to the Church and receives in his arms the body of Jesus.
Currently, there is still the Congregation of Addolorata

Madonna of Addolorata

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