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First Prize
Section Poetry
of Cipriano Maria Luigia

All'alba la mia partenza.
Il bacio lasciņ un'impronta
sulla guancia dell'amico.
Ritorno a sera,
accolta da pazze pazze luci.
Cerco invano un viso,
il sorriso di chi nella tana rimase,
e si difese dai morsi del lupo
e attese.
Esploro con lo sguardo
il volto del paese
ma tanto č stato profanato,
perfino sulle ginestre son passati.
Il tutto vorrei rinverdire,
lievitano i palpiti del cuore,
ma tremiti alle ginocchia
mi raccontano che ormai lontano
č l'amico aprile.
Ma l'occhio non si arrende:
vaga vaga per un'emozione
e quando poi si posa stanco,
l'antico tiglio riconosco:
favole remote mi racconta!

Second prize >>

Melancholy of the departure lacerate a tired heart, grabbed to print of a goodbye kiss. The return leaves the mind still more dismayed in the deprived search of a smile left and not found again. Also the face of the country is changed, profaned, destroying, "even on the broom are passed". Typical of the poets of the south the pain for that was and is not more, for the insults rendered to the own earth, typical the accusations to anonymous people that have operated worse. But not all is lost, on tormenting melancholy that sail all, flutters a dove white woman, perhaps is the love that can make flower again this tortured and betrayed earth, perhaps enough to believe to "remote fables" for being able to recommence. When it seems to fade the confidence in a possible spring and "shakes to knees" induce to an idle giving up, the heart does not surrender, the eye, rambling also tired, in tries of emotions, put the last hope in the powerfull roots of the ancient linden that tells past history to who still knows to listen.
Franca Molinaro
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