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A acijna a acijna s' facij la macina.
One grain at a time and do the flour.

A casa r' p'zziend' nun mangh'n' tozz'l'.
At home of beggars there are crusts of bread.

A cavall' iastumat' l' lucij lu pel'.
To horse little subservient glitter the hair.

A chi nu l' piacij ru buon' l'ammaccass' nu truon'.
Who does not like the good struck him a thunder.

A chiangij lu muort' sò lacr'm' pers'.
Crying the dead have lost tears.

A cunziglià eja art' leggia.
Recommend is art easy.

A furia vinn' e a furia nun accattà.
Hastily sell and fast not buy.

A la Cann'lora viern' eja ra for' - r'sponn' la vecchia arraggiata: eja tiemb' a l'Annunziata - r'sponn' lu viecchij ardit': s' n' parla a Sandu Vit' e p' ess' cchiù s'cur', quann' torn'n' li liet'tur'.
At Candlemas, winter is out - meets the older angry: speaks of the Annunciation - answered the old man boldly: speaks in San Vito and to be more secure when they return the reapers.

A la quarantina, scinn' nu grar' a la matina.
At forty, come down one step in the morning.

A la spenda r' la neva s' canuscijn' r' stronz'ra.
When the snow melts you see the assholes.

A la zegh'ra nu l' mangh'n' scus', a la f'lannara nu l'manga lu fus'.
At zinghera not lacking excuses, to spinning mill not lacking spindles.

A li quin'cij r'aust' cap' r' viern'.
The Aug. 15 start of winter.

A li sand' sciupp' e chiand'.
All Saints clean the floor and plants.

A lu pov'riedr' l' mor' lu ciuccij, a lu ricch' l' mor' la mugliera.
To the poor donkey died, to the rich's wife dies.

A lu sparagn' pienz'cij, a ru car' spienn'cij.
To saving think about, to expensive spend.

A lu trist' l'aiuta Crist', a lu buon' l'ammacca nu truon'.
To villain it helps Christ, to good a thunder crushes.

A Natal' s' trona, a Pasqua s' trozz'la.
At Christmas shoot the barrels, at Easter playing the battola.

A Pasqua e a Natal' s' viest'n' li furnar'; a Capurann' s' viest'n' li grand'.
At Easter and Christmas dress the bakers, new year's eve dress lords.

A pranz' ca nun z' 'mm'tat', nun g' scì ca sì cacciat'.
Where you are not invited for lunch, do not go because it is thrown out.

A S. Catar'nella o acqua o n'vicella.
In Santa Caterina or water or snow.

A S. Martin' accir' lu puorch' e 'ngegna lu vin'.
In S. Martin kills the pig and begins to drink the new wine.

A S. Vit', ogn' mugliera vatt' lu marit'; s'eia S. Vit' ver', ogn' marit' vatt' a la mugliera.
In S. Vito each wife beats her husband, if it is S. Vito's true, every husband beats his wife.

A Sand´Anduon´ lu juorn´ eja buon´.
At St. Anthony the day is good.

A Sand'Anduon' ogn' gallina accummenza l'uov'.
In S. Antonio each hen begins egg.

A tav'la stai la 'nnoglia, chi la vol' s' la mangia.
At table there's the food, who wants eats it.

Abb't' un facij mon'ch' e ghirica nun facij prev't'.
The dress does not make the monk and the cleric does not make the priest.

Abril' chiuov' chiuov', maggio una e bona.
In April rains rains, in May one and good.

Accir'm' e m'nuzz'm' e min'm' 'ndà li mij.
Kill me and crumble me and throw me between my family.

Acqua fresca sana malat'.
The fresh water heals the sick.

Acqua r' giugn' arruvina lu munn'.
The rain in June ruined the world.

Adda mett' lu nas a tutt' r' part', pur' andò piscia la adrina.
He must put his nose everywhere, even where the chicken pisses.

Adda scì scal'z' a la Madonna.
He must go barefoot to Madonna.

Addrina cu la cresta, addr' senza cal'zon'.
Chicken with crest, cock without pants.

Affina ca lu mier'ch' sturia, lu malat' mor'.
While the doctor studying, the patient dies.

Affina ca ru ferm' assuttiglia, ru fin' eja assutt'gliat'.
As long as the fat thins, the lean has thinned.

Aggij fortuna e duorm', nun ai fortuna e vatt' a 'ddurrupà.
If you are lucky sleep, if you do not have lucky go to cliff.

Ah, quanda gniurand' camba la farina.
Oh, how ignorant field the flour.

Alb'r' figl' e fogl', la s'menda nun po' fallì.
Trees children and leaves, the seed can not fail.

Alb'r' luongh' e cambanar' r' mosch'.
Tall tree and bell for flies.

Allonga la via e vattinn' a cas'ta.
Lengthen the road and go home.

Allora eja manganza vera quann' lu sol' cala e la luna leva.
So is lack true when the sun sets and the moon comes out.

Amicij r' Flum'r' e cucchiar' r' pan', quann' men' t'aspiett' s' spezz'n' mman'.
Friends of Flumeri, and spoons of bread when you least expect it break in your hand.

Andò car' lu ciuccij s' vir'n' r' scarcioff'.
Where the donkey falls you see artichokes.

Andò ciend', ciend' e un'.
Where one hundred, one hundred and one.

Andò t' muzz'ch' muzz'ch' t' fai mal'.
Wherever you hit you hurt yourself.

Andò tras' l'om' la casa trona.
Where the man enters the house it thunders.

An'ma sì e an'ma crir'.
Soul are and soul believe.

Annata r´ viend´, annata r´ niend´.
Vintage wind, anything vintage.

Arriva a tata ca t'eja muzz'ca lu vut'.
It will reach, dad, the time that you will bite your elbow.

Aspetta, ciuccij mij, l'erva nova.
Wait my donkey, the new grass.

Att' e muscij, 'nand' ca muor', ca r' canuscij.
Cats flies before you die and then you know.

Atta moscia pigliattinn' na pezza.
Cat limp do not trust.

Aust' cap' r' viern'.
August, beginning of winter.

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