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Callalar' e callalar' nun s' ting'n'.
Black with black not dye.

Can' cuott' av' paura r' l'acqua fredda.
Scalded dog fears of cold water.

Can' e gatt' mis' quatt', dui prien' e dui allatt'.
Dogs and cats four months, two of waiting and two of lactation.

Capidd' riccij cijl'vureddra paccij.
Curly crazy brain.

Carcijr' e malatia, abb' pazienza patron' mij.
Prison and disease, have patience my master.

Carna r' puorch', vot'la e men'la 'nguorp'.
Pork, turn it and throw it down.

Carr', chitarra e scuppetta, chi nun den' li siens' s' r' mett'.
Chariot, guitar and gun, who has no sense put them.

Carta tenda mala a chi l'annetta.
Paper written woe to those who must unravel.

Casa mia asc' mij, ogn' p'ndon' nu p'r'ton'.
My house my comfort, every corner a fart.

Casa 'nghian', puorc' e can'.
House at street level, pigs and dogs.

Casa quant' 'ngiabb't' e terra quant' scuopr'.
House for how much have you and earth for how much you discover it.

Casa s'st'mata, muort' pr'parat'.
House finished dead prepared.

Cavall' r' carrozza, bona giuv'ndł e mala v'cchiezza.
Carriage horses, good youth and bad old.

Cav'l', figl' e fogl', la s'menda nun po' fallģ.
Cabbage, children and leaves, the seed can not fail.

Che n'amma spart', S. Anduon' e l'Ariella!
What we must divide S. Antuono, and the Ariella!

Chi buon' carnuval' vol' fa, a S. Anduon' adda accumm'nzą.
Who good carnival wants to do, at St. Antonio has to begin.

Chi cacai murij e chi no la vita p'rdij.
Who shit died and who is not life lost.

Chi camina lecca e chi s'assetta secca.
Who walks licks and who sits dry.

Chi camina r'ritt' camba afflitt'.
Who walks straight live afflicted.

Chi cu tiemb' s' pr'cura, cu ora mangia.
Who in time to do, eat to time.

Chi cumanda nun sura.
Who's in charge does not sweat.

Chi eja call' eja malat' e chi eja fridd' eja 'nnammurat'.
Who's hot is sick and who is cold is in love.

Chi eja ciumb' r' man' e d' pier', vai a Carif' e trova muglier'.
Who is crippled of hands and feet, in Carife find wife.

Chi fabbr'ca a dieta perd' cal'cij, rena e pret'.
Who makes unsubstantiated loses lime, sand and stones.

Chi lu pescij s' vol' mangią la cora s'adda 'nfonn'.
Who wants to eat the fish must swim the tail.

Chi mangia sul' strafoca.
Who eats alone chokes.

Chi massara vol' fa, ra figlia femm'na adda accumm'nzą.
Who wants to do family, with daughter has to begin.

Chi 'mbresta mai arr'sesta e mai raccogl' tutt'.
Lender never recovers and never picks up everything.

Chi n' facij una, n' facij ciend'.
Who makes one, makes one hundred.

Chi 'ngiuria t' vol' fa, 'mbasciator' s' 'nvengij.
Who do you want insults, for Ambassador is passed.

Chi nun eja nat' 'ngasa nun g' tras'.
Who was not born at home does not enter.

Chi nun fabbr'ca e nun marita, lu munn' nu lu sap' mica.
Who not build and not marries, the world does not know it.

Chi nun send' a mamma e tata spiert' vai ra piccijl'etą.
Who does not feel it Mom and Dad search help from a young age.

Chi nun z' facij li fatt' suij, cu la lanterna vai truann' li uai.
Who does not mind his own business, look for trouble with the lantern.

Chi passeggia mureggia, chi canda vol' marit'.
Walkers flirts, who sings husband wants.

Chi poch' spenn' poch' rend'.
Who spends just earns little.

Chi prumett' e nun manden', ten' figl' ra mar'tą.
Who promises and does not maintain, holds children to marry.

Chi r' fatia nun abbonda, cu la fam' nun apparenda.
Who is not tired of working, with hunger not become related.

Chi r'sist' lu fum', r'sist' r' corna
Who resist to smoking, resists to horns.

Chi s' corca cu r' criatur', a la matina s' trova cu lu liett' pisciat'.
Who sleeps with children, finds the bed wet.

Chi s' n' r'spiacij r' r' carn' r' l'av't', r' soij s' r' mangian' li can'.
Who will sorry from flesh of others, their eat's the dogs.

Chi s' vol' mangią ru pan' r' stu cunvend', adda fa lu cul' cum' a la sciummenda.
Who wants to eat the bread of this convent, must do the ass like a mare.

Chi s'alza prima cumanda.
Who first gets up command.

Chi s'alza r' matina, accocchia lu carrin'; chi s'alza r' iuorn', accocchia nu cuorn'.
Who gets up in the morning, put together a pug, who gets up during the day, not put anything together.

Chi sparagna facij mal' uaragn'.
Who spares does a bad gain.

Chi spart' av' la megl' part'.
Who divides has the best part.

Chi t' caca 'nganna nun d' vol' muort'.
Who tries to give you a drink does not want you dead.

Chi ten' bona mugliera, tard' vai e v'locij ven'.
Who has a good wife, later goes and immediately back.

Chi ten' figl' e zenz'l', nun assess' a ballą.
Who keeps children and rags, not go out to dance.

Chi ten' la faccia tosta s' marita, e chi no, resta zita.
Who keeps the nerve married it and who does not remain a spinster.

Chi ten' li sold' facij l'ati sold', chi ten' li p'rucchij facij l'at' p'rucchij.
Who keeps the money does more money, who keeps the lice does other lice.

Chi ten' nas' ten' creanza.
Who nose has manners has.

Chi ten' nu puorch' lu facij grass', chi ten' nu figl' lu facij fess'.
Who holds pigs makes them fat, who holds a child makes him stupid.

Chi tropp' la fila la spezza.
Who too pulls breaks its.

Chi tropp' vol' scģ 'ngiel', vai r' faccia 'nderra.
Who wants to go too in the sky, falls on a face to the ground.

Chi Tr'vich' tr'mend', 'n'derra nun scetta s'mend'.
Who looks Trevico, do not throw seed on the ground.

Chi uarda li puorc' sui nun eja chiamat' purcar'.
Who looks at his pigs is called pork.

Chi vai a caccia a pil' e r' penn', niend' s'acquista e ru sui s' venn'.
Who goes hunting for fur and feathers, anything buy and his you sell.

Chi venn' rind' venn' doi vot'.
Who sells inside sells twice.

Chi vol' abbą lu suj' v'cin', cur'cat' priest' e alzatt' r' matina.
Who wants to cheat his neighbor, go to bed early and get up early in the morning.

Chi vol' fa li sold' cu lu cist' adda vutą r' spall' a Crist'.
Who wants to make money with the basket should turn its backs on Christ.

Chi vol' grazia ra Dij, nun adda purtą pressa.
Who wants the grace of God, not in haste.

Chi vol' mal' a sta casa adda schiattą prim' ca tras'.
Who wants hurt this house should burst before it enters.

Chi vol' t'né li vuov' grass', lu juorn' chiuvess' e la nott' scambass'.
Who wants fat oxen, it rained day and night ceased.

Chi vol' vai e chi nun vol' manna.
Who wants go and who does not want send.

Chi vol' vengij s'adda 'n'vengij ra fess'.
Who wants win you have to pretend fool.

Chian' chian' padr' e guardian'.
Slowly, father and guardian.

Chił gruoss' eja lu purton', chił gruoss' eja lu cijndron'.
Than larger is the door, than bigger is the swing.

Cicijr' abbruscat' p' li carcijrat'.
Roasted chickpeas for prisoners.

Cicijr' cuott' p' l'an'ma r' li muort'.
Chickpeas cooked for the soul of the dead.

Ciel' mar' e munn' nun z' ver' mai lu funn'.
Sky sea and world we never see the end.

Ciend' fal'cij e ciend' vandier', accijrier'n' lu ciuccij r' l'and'nier'.
One hundred sickles and one hundred chest, killed the ass of the laborer.

Ciend' r' sti uai e mort' mai.
One hundred of these troubles and death ever.

Ciend' vot' m'sur' e na vota tagl'.
A hundred times measure and once cut.

Ciras' a mangią e femm'n' a vasą, nun t'eia mai straccą.
To eat cherries and kissing women, do not you ever get tired.

Citt' citt' 'mmiezz' a lu m'rcat'.
Quietly in the market.

Ciuccij viecchij 'n'casa r' paccij mor'.
Dummy old dies in the madhouse.

Cof'n' a mond' e cist' abbadd'.
Hood up and drum down.

Crai' 'ngrai' cum' a la cornacchia.
Tomorrow tomorrow as the crow.

Cu li riebb't' nun z' mor' e 'n'galera mangh' s' vai.
With the debts do not die and in jail either you go.

Cu lu tiemb' e cu la paglia ammatur'n' r' nespul'.
With time and straw medlars ripen.

Cund' e cund', lu cund' t' resta.
Counts and counts, the count will remain.

Curnut' e mazziat'.
Horned and beaten.

Curt' e mal' cavat'!
Low and bad!

Cus' e scus' songh' doi cos' a fil'.
Sewing and shell out are two things in a row.

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