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Fa cum sì fatt' ca nun sì chiamat' né fess' e mangh' matt'.
Do how did you that you are not called nor fool nor madman.

Facij fridd' pur' sott' a lu ciel' r' la lenga.
It's cold as well as the palate.

Famm' prim' e famm' ciuccij.
Let me first even if I do donkey.

Fatt' 'n'gastagnà ma nun d' fà 'n'funucchià.
Get fit, but do not make your fool.

F'bbrar' curt' e amar', s' li iuorn' suij fuss'r' tutt', facess' f'rrà lu vin' 'ndà r' bott'.
February short and bitter, if the days were all, would freeze the wine in the barrels.

Fecca e sfecca pur' nu sulliev'.
Slips and slips is also a relief.

Femm'n' cannarut' Dij r'aiuta.
Women tempting God helps.

Femm'n' senza piett', armal' senza piatt'.
Females without the breast, belief without plates.

Femm'na sp'nz'rata, casa aperta.
Women carefree, open house.

Festa e mal' tiemb' Maronna mia!
Feast and weather my Madonna!

Figl' piccul' uai piccul', figl' gruoss' uai gruoss', figl' spusat' uai radduppiat'.
Young children little trouble, older big trouble, married children trouble doubled.

Fil' luongh', mastr' paccij.
Long wire, master crazy.

Fresca la urechhia r'ritta, cor' afflitt'.
Whistle the right ear, heavy heart.

Frustier' frustat' razza r' Bagnol'.
Foreigners flogged breed of Bagnoli.

Fuscij a prim'ira, ma nun fuscij a l'ira r' Dij.
Run away at the first angry, but not to the wrath of God

Fuscij quand' vui ca qua t'aspett'.
Run away because you'll wait here.

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