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La addrina cu la vozza, vai acchiann' paragg' e sozz'.
The chicken with the crop, look for his equal.

La addrina s' spenna quann' eia morta.
The chicken is plucked when she died.

La atta quann' nun pot' arr'và a ru lard', ricij ca sap' r'arang't'.
When the cat can not get to fat, says he is rancid.

La atta r' z' Maria, prima chiang' e dopp' rir'.
The cat of Aunt Mary, first cries and after laughs.

La cammisa ca nun bol' sta cu te, la strazz'.
The shirt does not want to be with you, tear it.

La capa can un parla s' chiama cucozza.
The head that does not speak is called pumpkin.

La carn' s' perd' e li can' arragg'n'.
The meat is lost and the dogs are desperate.

La carna trist' nu la vol' mangh' Crist'.
The bad person does not even want Christ.

La casa eja piccula e la pacij eja grand'.
The house is small and the peace is great.

La cumbagnia facij l'om' ladr' e la femm'na puttana.
The company makes man a thief thief and the woman a bitch.

La fatia r' la festa, né t' cal'za, né t' vest'.
The work of the party, nor your knit, nor you dress.

La femm'na facij la casa e la femm'na la strur'.
The woman makes the home and the woman destroys it.

La lenga facij lu sciuoch'.
The tongue makes the game.

La lenga nun ten' l'uoss' e romb' l'uoss'.
The tongue has no bone but breaks the bone.

La Maronna la sogra nu la vulij mangh' r' zucch'r'.
Madonna's mother-in-law did not even want of sugar.

La megl' parola eja quera can un ess' ra la vocca.
The best word is that does not out of the mouth.

La mort' cerca l'occasion'.
The death look the occasion.

La mort' nun guarda 'nfaccia a nisciun'.
Death does not look at anybody.

La mugliera eja miezz' pan'.
The wife is half loaf.

La mundagna chiù grossa eja la fam'.
The biggest mountain is the hunger.

La pressa facij li figl' cijcat'.
The haste makes blinds children.

La prima sorta t' la manna Dij, la s'conda eja r' rimedia Pietr'.
The first lot sends you God, the second is to correct Peter.

La pruprijtà chi la facij, chi la manden' e chi la strur'.
The owned who makes it, who maintains it and who destroys it.

La pulenda prima t'abbotta e pò t'allenda.
The polenta first you swell and then leaves you empty.

La vera l'mos'na eja quann'ai e dai.
True charity is when you get and give.

La vigna r' ciend' patrun' r'venda r'siert'r'.
The vineyard of hundred masters becomes desert.

La vita eja n'affacciata r' f'nestra.
Life is a moment.

L'acqua m' facij rann' e lu vin' m' facij candà.
The water damage me and the wine makes me sing.

L'acqua passata nun macina chiù mulin'.
The past water does not grinding plus mill.

L'acqua trov'la 'nnand' e la chiara appriess'.
The murky water forward and clearly below.

L'agl' s' chiand'n' quann' s' vatt' lu magl'.
Garlic is planted when you beat the mile.

L'an'ma a Dij e la robba a chi aspetta.
The soul to God and stuff who waits.

L'ascij r' la casa eja lu murtal' e la grattacasa.
The comfort of the house is the mortar and grater.

Lassa a chi figlia e curr' a chi parturiscij.
Let those who are lambing and hurry by parturient.

Lassa ru fuoch'ardent' e curr' a parturend'.
Leave the burning fire and hurry by the parturient.

Latt' cupiert' nun g' cach'n' mosch'.
Cover milk does not shit flies.

L'auciell' 'ngaggiol' canda p' raggia nò p' amor'.
The caged bird sings for anger and not for love.

Lev't' tu ca m'aggia mett' ij.
Arise you that I should I put me.

Li cund' songh' p' lu vat'cal'.
The talk is for the traveler.

Li figl' s' vas'n' quann' ruorm'n'.
The children are kissing when they sleep.

Li luongh' p' r' fich' e li curt' p' marit'.
The long for the figs and the courts as husbands.

Li pariend' sogh' quir' ca fann' vicin' a r' coss'.
The relatives are those that make near the legs.

Li prim' call' cuocijn', li prim' fridd' nuocijn'.
The first warm days are hot, the first cold harm.

Li pruverbij r' l'andic' nun sbagl'n' mai.
The proverbs of the ancients never wrong.

Li riend' so cum' a r' corna, quann' nascijn' fann' mal' e po' 'ng' s' mangia 'ngimma.
The teeth are like the horns, when they leave you hurt and then eating it over.

Li sold' 'mbizz'cann' pur' a r' man' r' li sand'.
Money well stick to the hands of the Saints.

Li sold' r' l'av't' caccijn' li tuij
Other People's Money your hunt.

Li sold' r' lu carrucchial' s' r' mangia lu sciambagnon'.
The money of the miser eats it the wasteful.

Li uai r' mamma s' r' chiang' tata.
The troubles of mom them crying dad.

Liett' stritt' ficch't' miezz'.
Narrow bed, tucked in between.

L'om' cucciut' eja cum a lu adr' ca sura.
The stubborn man is as the sweating cock.

L'om' facij figl' fin' a quann' porta na quarta r' caniglia.
The man is fecund until is able to take one quarter of bran.

L'om' gniurant' d'venda saput', s' nun patiscij nun s' 'm'bara.
The ignorant man becomes a prig, if not suffers not learning.

L'om' p' la parola e lu vov' p' r' corna.
The man for the word and the ox by the horns.

Lu can' r' viern' s' vol' fa la casa, ma la stagion' ogni foglia eja nu pagliar'.
The dog wants to get the house in winter but in summer every leaf is a haystack.

Lu ciuccij porta la paglia e lu ciuccij s' l'ammaglia.
The donkey carries the straw and the donkey eats it.

Lu cul' ca nun z'abbist' la cammina, quann' s' la mett' s' la caca.
The seat that is not accustomed to having the shirt, when you put it unclean it.

Lu liett' eja r' ros', s' nun duorm' t' r'puos'.
The bed is of roses, if you do not you sleep you resting.

Lu mal' cuscijtat' lu coscita Dij.
God helps the pain happened.

Lu mariuol' s' send' arrubbat'.
The thief feels robbed.

Lu matt' fuscij e la casa resta.
The madman escapes and the house remains.

Lu megl' mar'nai s'annea.
The best sailor drowns.

Lu nas' nun z' ten' sul' p' la mecca.
The nose is not held only for the mucus.

Lu pastor' chi nun av' che fa, tengij la mazza.
The pastor who does not have to do, criticizing.

Lu Patratern' r' facij e lu riav'l' r'accocchia.
God makes them and the devil them mating.

Lu Patratern' ven' cu la mazza r' la vammacia.
The God comes with a padded mallet.

Lu patron' ca vol' arr'cchì, mett' l'om' e nun g' scì.
The master who wishes to enrich put the man and not goes.

Lu pir' car' quann' eja ammaturat'.
The pear falls when is matured.

Lu prim' ann' o malat' o carcijrat'.
The first year or sick or in prison.

Lu puorch' camba n'ann' ma la p'rsona quand' vol' Dij.
The pig field a year while the person what God wants.

Lu put'ar' venn' quer' ca ten'.
The shopkeeper sells what he has.

Lu rucanett' eja cum a la mugliera.
The organ is like the wife.

Lu rulor' eja r' chi lu ten', no r' chi passa e tr'mend'.
The pain is of who holds it, not those who go and watch.

Lu scarpar' vai' scal'z'!
The shoemaker goes barefoot!

Lu sfizij r' lu ciuccij eia la gramegna.
The whim of the donkey is the grass.

Lu Signor' t' chiur' na porta e t' n'apra doij.
The Lord closes a door and do you opens two.

Lu suonn'eja puv'riell', chi l'attenn', mar' a iss'.
Sleep is poor man, who goes after him, poor him.

Luvandina o tre, o ott', o quinicina.
The east wind lasts three, eight or fifteen days.

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