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Magg' urtulan', vinn' li vuov' e accatta ru gran'.
May gardener sell oxen and buy the grain.

Mamm' e figl' pariend' allargh'.
Mom and daughter distant relatives.

Mamma e figlia, cij cap'n' 'ndà na buttiglia.
Mom and daughter come in a bottle.

Mangh' li can' la vascia caruta.
Deliver us from falling lower.

Mar' a chi serv' pop'l', 'mbagliar' mor'.
Poor whom does the people die in a haystack.

Mara a chi car' e chiama aiut'.
Poor who fall and call for help.

Marcoffij 'nda la luna.
Marcoffio in the moon.

Marit' e figl', cum Dij t' r' manna t' r' pigl'.
Husband and children as God sends them, you keep them.

Marz' sicch', massar' ricch', ma nun dand' sicch' s' no fai palicch'.
March dry, rich farmer, but not too dry or else it remains disappointed.

Mazz' e panell' fann' li figl' bell', pan' senza mazz' fann' li figl' pazz.
Barrel and bread make beautiful children, bread without beating have children crazy.

Megl' a mangià nu caprett' ca nu capriccij.
Better to eat a kid that a whim.

Megl' avè na scupp'ttata ca na miria.
Better to have a shot that be envied.

Megl' call' r' sera ca fridd' r' matina.
Best hot at night that cold in the morning.

Megl' fess' ca sin'ch'.
Better than stupid that mayor.

Megl' lu sauc' nanz' cas'ta ca lu piers'ch' a la vigna.
Better elder in front house that the peach tree in the vineyard.

Megl' nu figl' ca na malatia.
Better a son than a disease.

Megl' nu marit' scurcill', ca n'amich' 'm'b'rator'.
Better a battered husband, that a friend emperor.

Megl' nu sold' r' sparagn' ca ciend' r' uaragn'.
Better than a penny of savings that cent of gain.

Mena acqua e mena farina fai na pizza quanta a na tina.
Throw water and threw flour make a pizza what a tub.

Mena cal'cij a lu viend'.
Kicks to wind.

M'nestra stufata, val' chiù r' nu rucat'.
Soup stew, worth more than a ducat.

M'rcand' fallut' nun bara chiù a spes'.
Merchant failed does not mind spending more.

Mugliera mia piscia e vien't' corca.
Wife piss and come to bed.

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