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Na 'bbotta a lu chingh' e una a lu tumbagn'.
A blow to the Ching '(terracotta containers) and one to pastry.

Na cosa ca av' criat' Crist' nun z' pot' r'sist'.
To one thing that Christ has set you can not resist.

Na l'ccata r' piatt', pur' na pietanza eja.
Licking a plate, a dish is well.

Na man' nun z' lava sola.
One hand does not wash herself.

Na p'nzata t' porta 'ngiel', na p'nzata t' votta 'nderra.
One thought leads you to heaven, one leads you to the ground.

Nat' r'stin rat'.
Born fate assigned.

Natal' cu lu sol' e Pasqua cu lu cijppon'.
Christmas with sun and Easter with fire.

Né pescij a puort', né 'zalata a l'uort'.
Neither fish port, nor garden salad.

Né puorch' r' Tr'vich', né femm'n' r' Sanda N'cola.
Neither pigs of Trevico, nor women of St. Nicola.

Né terra vicin' a vaddrun', né casa vicin' a signur'.
Neither land near ravines, nor home near gentlemen.

Nisciun' t' ricij lav't' la faccia ca sì chiù bella.
Nobody tells you wash your face that you more beautiful.

Nisciuna carn' resta a la chiana.
No flesh remains at the slaughterhouse.

Nora senza sola, figlia scarpa e sola e guardunciell'.
Daughter in law without soles, daughter with shoes, soles and reinforcement.

Nor'ma r' stat' e figl'ma r' viern'.
My daughter in law in summer and my daughter in winter.

Nu scazz'cà li can ca ruorm'n'.
Not wake the sleeping dogs.

Nun d' sai t'né tre cicijr' 'nganna.
Do not you say hold three peas in throat.

Nun mangià quand' hai e nun dicij quand' sai.
Do not eat much you have and do not say how much know.

Nuttata p'rduta e figlia femm'na.
Lost overnight and daughter.

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