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Ogn' affrond' p' l'amor' r' Dij.
Any affront to God's love.

Ogn' all'ria ra lu cor' ven'.
Every joy comes from the heart.

Ogn' carn' mangia e ogn' fungh' fuggij.
Each flesh eating and from every fungus flee.

Ogn' lev'na ten' lu fum' suij.
Each wood has its own smoke.

Ogn' paes' nu cumbar' e ogn' terra nu pagliar'.
In each country a appears and in every land a haystack.

Ogn' paes' ten' n'usanza, ogn' trippa ten' na panza.
Each country holds a custom, each pelt has a belly.

Ogn' picca aggiova.
A little of everything is good.

Om' a cavall', s'bultura aperta.
Man on horseback, burial open.

Om' paccij rall' mogl'.
Reckless man done it a wife.

Om' r' vin', ciend' a carrin'.
Man of wine, a hundred each pug.

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