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P' casa mia songh' na rigina, p' casa toia nu stracc' ra cucina.
For my house i'am a queen, for your home a kitchen towel.

P' ciend'ann' 'nzurat' ricch'.
For hundred years married rich.

P' ess' na ronna p'rfetta c' vol' nat'ch' cul' e piett.'
To be a perfect woman we need buttocks, breasts and ass.

P' la Nunziata eja f'nuta la v'rnata.
Annunziata is over for the winter.

P' la rota e p' la vigna, s' mmarit'n' r' scign'.
For a vineyard and a dowry, get married even the ugly.

P' li viecchij tre C songh' pericolos': catarr', caruta e cacarella.
For the older three C are dangerous phlegm, fall and trots.

P' mett' lu p'nzier', eja mett' doi capa 'ngoppa a nu cuscin'.
In order to view, you get two heads on a pillow.

P' Sanda Cat'r'nella la cerza scorr' e l'aliva accummenza.
For St. Catherine the oak ends and olives begins.

Paes' cum s' abb'ta e casa cum s' usa.
Country as you live home as you use.

Pan' e cappa mai scappa.
Bread and fog never escape.

Pan' e cijpoll' e cor' cundend'.
Bread and onions and happy heart.

Panza chiena vol' r'pos'.
A full belly wants rest.

Parend' ca nun t'ama e vicin' ca nun send', fuscij cum a la pest'.
Relative who does not love you and who does not feel near, avoid them like the plague.

Passa l'angijl' e dicij ammen.
Skip the angel and said Amen.

Patr' e patron', av' tuort' e vol' ragion'.
Father and master, is wrong and wants right.

Patr' nostr' fich' tost', ramm' ru pan' ca m'accost'.
Our Father chip hard, give me the bread that I approach.

Patr' nostr' fich' tost', trenta marit' nisciun' s'accosta.
Our Father figs tough, of thirty husbands nobody approached.

Picca ann' picca p'ccat'.
Few years few sins.

Piccul' e mal' cavat'.
Small and smart.

Piccul' lu carrin' e sarria r'argend'.
Small man, but of value.

Piglia lu cucchiar' p' nun d' coc' r'ogna.
Get the spoon does not cook the nail.

Pir' cuold', mara a chi 'ng' 'ngappa.
Pear caught, worse for those who happen to us.

Pir' piriddr' ognun' penza p' iddr'.
Pir 'piriddr' every man for himself.

Pizz'l' e vas' nun fann' p'rtosa.
Pinches and kisses do no harm.

Porta chiusa vis'ta fatta.
Door closed visit made.

Pov'r' e unest'. Pov'r' e unest'.
Poor and honest.

Pov'ra quera casa 'ndò lu cappiell' nun 'ng' tras'.
Poor the house where does not enter the hat.

Pozza caré quera casa chi stai quieta.
Can fall that house who is quiet.

Preta c'arrocola nun facij mai ben'.
The rolling stone is never good.

Priev't', puorc' e can', semb' cu la mazza man'.
Priests, pigs and dogs, always with the bat in hand.

Prima a chi ier' figlia e mo a chi sì mugliera.
Before to who you were daughter and now who you are wife.

Prima ca lu parend' arriva, lu vicin' s' trova arr'vat'.
Before the relatives arrive, the neighbor is arrived.

Prima ca tras', pan' e cas'; ropp' trasut', mangh' pan' p'rut'.
Before entering, bread and cheese, once entered, even moldy bread.

Prima r' Natal' né fridd' e né fam', ropp' Natal' fridd' e fam'.
Before Christmas, neither cold and nor hunger, after Christmas cold and hungry.

Prumett' cert' e gabba s'cur'.
Promises certain and sure does not keep.

Pulenda fin' a la porta e lagh'n' fin' a lu liett'.
Polenta toward the door and lagane up the bed.

Puozz' squaglià cum' a la nev' r' marz'!
May you melt like snow in March!

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