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Quand' n' vui r' mait'nat' t' lu fai nuov' lu v'stit'.
As you wish of stupid to you do an new dress

Quann' a la femm'na lu cul' l'abballa, s' nun eja puttana riav'l' falla.
When the female wiggles, if not is a bitch the devil will make it.

Quann' ai marit' ur', e quann' ai pann' strur'.
When you have husband enjoy, and when you have clothes consumer.

Quann' ai tuort', nun pui avè ragion'.
Whenever you're wrong can not be right.

Quann' at' nun ai, cu muglier'ta t' curch'.
When you have nothing, you lie down with your wife.

Quann' at' nun ai, 'nderra t' curc'.
When you have nothing, you lie down on the ground.

Quann' cala lu sol' allonga lu muss' lu patron'. Quann' cala lu sol' allonga lu muss' lu patron'.
When the sun goes gets angry boss.

Quann' canda lu cucul' ott' iuorn' chiov' e un'ora assuca.
When the cuckoo sings eight days it rains and dries in one hour.

Quann' canda lu cucul' s' chiand'n' cicijr' e fasul'.
When singing the cuckoo are planted chick peas and beans.

Quann' chiov' r' matina, acconz't' e camina.
When it rains in the morning, adjusted and walk.

Quann' eja sazzia la mia panza, eja tranguilla la mia famiglia.
When satisfied my belly, my family is quiet.

Quann' la m'sura s'eja chiena, s' scetta p' cimma.
When the measure is full, it comes from the top.

Quann' lu cul' trona, lu mier'ch' crepa.
When the ass farts, your doctor crack.

Quann' marz' ru bol' fa, facij chiov' e n'v'cà.
When March wants, sends rain and snow.

Quann' 'ndriddr' e quann' nun ess'.
When there is much to do and when nothing.

Quann' nun tien' pan', tien' fam'; quann' nun tien' acqua, tien' set'.
When you do not have bread, you're hungry and when you do not have water, you're thirsty.

Quann' s' mangia s' cumbatt' cu la mort'.
When you eat you fight with death.

Quann' s' ricij na cosa, s' nun eia tutta eia mezza.
When we say one thing, if is not all is half.

Quann' stai buon' Rocch', stai bona tutta la rocca.
When Rocco is well, is well all the fortress.

Quann' t' crir' r' fa na bona mangiata, riest' r'sciun'.
When you think you get a good meal, remains fast.

Quann' t'eja fa passà nu capriccij, mang't' nu craprett'.
When you need to let a whim, eaten a kid.

Quann' tron'la chiov', quann' r'lamba scamba.
When it thunders it rains, when it lightning stops.

Quann' Tr'vich' ten' la cappa, Arian' nun scappa.
When Trevico has the fog, Ariano not run away.

Quann' un' s' trova a bballà, adda abballà.
When one is to dance, have to dance.

Quann' viern' nun virn'eja, stat' mangh' stat'eja.
When the winter is not vented, the summer is not summer.

Quann' vir' ru fuoch' r' lav't', stuta ru tui.
When you see the fire of others put out your.

Questa carn', questa salza vol'.
This flesh, this sauce will.

Questa eja la via e p'scata vol' ess'.
This is the road and wants to be beaten.

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