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R' corna r' lu pov'riell' so r' nocij, quer' r' li signur' so r' vammacia.
The horns of the poor are walnut, those of the lords are of cotton.

R' frecul' ca vann' 'nderra, nun so mai p'rdut'.
The crumbs that go to ground are never lost.

R' la vigna eja canoscij lu sit', r' la zita lu par'ndat'.
Of the vineyard you must know the site, of the girlfriend the kinship.

R' nuviell' r' Natal', niend' puort' e niend' ai.
Christmas novenas, nothing ports nothing receive.

R' stu l'gnam', s' fann' sti zuocch'l'.
Of this wood make these clogs.

Rai ru tui a l'av't' e sì buon' cristian'.
Give your to others and you are good person.

Rap' ra pest' eja la stessa m'nestra.
Rape by stepping on is the same soup.

Ricij lu muort', statt' buon' e va cu Dij.
Says the dead, take care and goes with God.

Rimm' a chi ssì figl' ca t' rich' a chi assumigl'.
Tell me who you are son, I tell you to who you look like.

Rir' lu ciuccij a vist' l'er'va fresca.
Laughs the donkey has seen the fresh grass.

Robba 'nderra, sp'ranza 'ngiel'.
Stuff in the ground, hope in heaven.

Ropp' arrubbat' a Sanda Chiara, fecijr' r' port' r' fierr'.
After robbing Santa Clara, made ??the iron doors.

Ropp' la festa, vorsa vacand' e mal' r' testa.
After the party, empty bag, and headache.

Ropp' la mort' ven' lu giurizij.
After death comes the trial.

R'ova can un t' mangij a Pasqua, nun t' r' mangij cchiù.
The eggs that you do not eat at Easter, do not you eat more.

Ru fuoch' eia buon' trir'cij mis' a l'ann'.
The fire is pleasant thirteen months a year.

Ru ghiangh' e russ' ven' ra lu muss'.
The white and red comes from the mouth.

Ru pan' ca m'briest' t' sarria r'nnut'.
The bread that you done will be rendered to you.

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