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S' facij t'rà la cal'zetta!
You pull the sock!

S' fuss' p' vulè.
If I had wanted.

S' la zita n' sapess' quand' n' sap' la mar'tata, lu munn' fuss' f'rnut'.
If the single woman I knew as the married, the world would end.

S' n' vai cu na man' 'ngul' e nata 'ngap'.
He leaves with one hand on her butt and one in the head.

S' ricch' m' vuleva, lu patratern', pov'r' nun m' faceva. S' ricch' m' vuleva, lu patratern', pov'r' nun m' faceva.
If rich want me, the God, poor not make me.

S' vui ess' buon' cristian' rai r' tui a l'av't'.
If you want to be good person give ours to others.

S' vui fott' lu puglies', mitt' gran' 'n'goppa a mascesa.
If you want to cheat the Apulian, put the corn on a vacant lot.

S' vui mett' lu per' a tutt' r' pret' nun arriv' mai.
If you want to put your foot on all the stones, never come.

S' vui uardà lu tiemb' r' Tr'vich', fatia nun n' fai mica.
If you look the weather of Trevico, work does not make.

S' vui uardà Tr'vich', nun simm'n' mica.
If you look Trevico, not sow never.

Sand' viecchij nun z' leva chiù copp'la.
Old Saint not rises over his cap.

Sangh' aggiund'.
Blood added.

Scappa quand' vui ca qua t'aspett'.
Runs when you want here I wait to.

Sciam' addret' addret', cum a la cot'ca 'ngimma a li caravun'.
Let's go back to back, like the rind on the coals.

Semm'na quann' vui ca a luglij miet'.
Sow when you want that in July you reap.

Senza sold' nun s' canda messa.
Without money there is no singing mass.

Simm' priev't' paisan'.
We are priests villagers.

Sol' r' viern' e nuv'la r' stat', femm'na fisciuta e po' turnata.
Winter sun and cloud in summer, woman ran away and then returned.

Sold' r'av't', vorsa vacand'.
Other people's money, empty bag.

Songh' f'nut' r' quatt' mangiat'.
They finished the four eat.

Songh' r' S. Suoss' e m' n' glorij, tengh' la capa tosta e m' n' serv'.
Are of S. Sossio and I'm proud, my head is hard and I use it.

Sott'a la gregna la fam' regna.
Under the sheaf hunger reigns.

Sott'a na mala spina nascij na bbona rosa, e sott'a na bbona rosa nascij na mala spina.
Under a bad plug born a beautiful rose, under a beautiful rose born a bad plug.

Spina a gatt', uoss' a can'.
Plug to cats, bone to dogs.

Spusalizij e maccarun', call' call'. Spusalizij e maccarun', call' call'.
Weddings and macaroni, hot hot.

Stai sazia la panza mia, stai cundenda la famiglia mia.
He's satisfied my belly, my family is happy.

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