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T'aggia 'mbarà e po' t'aggia perd'.
You have to educate and then you have to lose.

Tand' vai la quartara a l'acqua anzì ch' s'adda romb'.
So often goes the pitcher to fill the water until it breaks.

Tanda figl', tanda pruv'renza.
So many children, so much providence.

Tann' eja bona la triglia quann' eja fritta cotta e franga.
Then it is good the mullet when is fried, cooked and free.

Tann' lu patron' vai 'nsullazz' quann' lu fior' r' ru gran' vai rind'a la cr'pazza.
Then the owner goes into amusement when the flower of the wheat goes into the crevasse.

Ten' nu vrazz' luong' e n'at' curt'.
It has a long arm and one short.

Terra r' pret' tien'la segreta.
Land of stones keep it secret.

Tiemb' annuv'l' matina par'.
Cloudy morning seems.

Tiemb' r' uerra buscij cum terra.
Times of war lies as land.

Tre songh' r' C pericolos' p' li pariend': cainat', cumbar' e cugin'.
There are three C dangerous for relatives: brothers in law, cousins ??and cronies.

Troppa grascia add'venda car'stia.
Too much abundance becomes famine.

Tr'v'can' mangia patan'.
Trevicani eat potatoes.

Tr'vich', porta pann' e vin' cu tich' can un truov' lu tiemb' amich'.
Trevico, brings wine and clothes with you because you can not find time friend.

Tutt' lu munn' eja paes', ma lu r'sciett' r' l'om' eja la casa.
All the world is a village, but the shelter of man his own house.

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