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Va a la fera ca lu fess' eja già sciut'.
Go to the fair that the fool has gone.

Va cu chi eja megl' r' te e fall' r' spes'.
Go with who is better than you even if we forgive the expenses.

Vai truann' cas' carut'.
Search the harm of others.

Val' chiù n'acqua tra maggij e abril' ca nu carr' r'or' e chi lu tira.
Worth more rain between May and April that a golden chariot and who draws it.

Vatt' lu maglij, chianda l'aglij.
Bang the hammer, plant the garlic.

Viat' a quera casa 'ndò ghirica 'ng' tras'.
Blessed is the house where it enters the tonsure.

Viest' cijppon' ca par' baron'.
Dress a log and looks like a baron.

Vov' pascij e cambana sona.
Oxen grazing, and the bell rings.

Vui accir' la serpa, rall'la 'n'gap'.
Do you want to kill the snake, hit him in the head.

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