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Town of Carife

Coat of arms of town hall of Carife
Inhabitant: 1462 (695M 767F)
Surface: 16 Kmq
Altitude: 740 m s.l.m.
Phone Code: 0827
Postal Code: 83040

The first historical record of Carife is from 1266, when it was just a farm house belonging to the diocese of Trevico. In 1269, during the Angioina domination, it was sold to Del Balzo. Starting from the year 1646, for more than two centuries it was a fief of Capobianco.
The town is an archaeologically important site. Discoveries in the town include a necropolis, princes' graves, a hellenistic temple, and even byzantine-age villages.
Among the churches they detach the Church of Addolorata, that introduced in the niche of the fašade an artistic maiolic of '700 destroyed going. To the inside it is possible to admire the wooden Statue of the Virgo Addolorata.
The Collegiata Church of S. Giovanni Battista, was built in 1732 in Baroque style. It preserves the relic of the Wood Saint and a polyptyc of the Madonna of Rosario.
A local product, traditional to Carife, is an earthenware pot for domestic use called a "ruagne", earthenware.

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