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The Marquesas

Coat of arms of Loffredo List of Marquis of Trevico from XVI to XIX century according to the reconstruction reported in Genealogie delle famiglie nobili italiane, of Davide ShamÓ,

Ferdinand Loffredo II (+ 13-4-1573), 1st Marquis of Trevico, from 1548, Lord of San Sossio and Zungoli and Patrizio Napoletano. He married Diana Spinello and they had three children: Diana, Francis II and Charles.

Francesco Loffredo II (+ 14-1-1586), 2nd Marquis of Trevico from 1573 for resignation of the father in occasion of his marriage with Lucrezia of Capua and with Royal Assent of 09.10.1557, Lord of San Sossio, Zungoli, Migliano seu Miglianello, Cormitello and Contra and lord of Lecce from 1573, Patrizio Napoletano, bought the feud of Grottaminarda. He had four children: Diana, Cassandra, Antonina, Ferdinand III.

Ferdinand Loffredo III (+ 01-08-1600), 3rd Marquis of Trevico from 1586, Lord of Migliano seu Miglianello, San Sossio, Zungoli, Cormitello and Contra and lord of Lecce from 1586, bought the feud of Montefalcone. He married Adriana Montorio, who bore him three children: Eleanor, Cornelia, Francis III.

Francesco Loffredo III (+ fell to the siege of Casale Monferrato 20-8-1625), 4th Marquess of Trevico from 1600, Lord of Migliano seu Miglianello, San Sossio, Zungoli and Montefalcone and lord of Lecce from 1600, Patrizio Napoletano. Died without heirs.

Carlo Loffredo II (+ 24-12-1626), 3rd Marquis of Sant'Agata, then 5░ Marquis of Trevico from 1625, Lord of Zungoli, San Sossio and Migliano seu Miglianello from 1625, Patrizio Napoletano. He married Eleanor Crispano of whom he had children Henry II, Francis IV, Faustina.

Henry Loffredo II (*1620 + Sant'Agata di Puglia 10-03-1681), 6th Marquis of Trevico from 1647, 4th Marquis of Sant'Agata, 10th Count of Potenza, Lord of San Sossio, Zungoli and Migliano seu Miglianello. Married with Beatrice de Guevara, died without heirs.

Francesco Loffredo IV (+ Napoli 23-06-1688), 7th Marquess of Trevico from 1681, 5th Marquess of Sant'Agata, 11th Count of Potenza, Lord of San Sossio, Zungoli and Migliano seu Miglianello since 1681, Patrizio Napoletano. Married in 1652,Clare Loffredo of principles of Maida, and had the children Laura, Charles III, Ferrante.

Carlo Loffredo III (+ Potenza 28-07-1699), 8th Marquess of Trevico from 1688 to 1699, 6th Marquess of Sant'Agata, 12░ Count of Potenza, Lord of San Sossio, Zungoli and Migliano seu Miglianello since 1688, Patrizio Napoletano. He married Violante of Sangro, of principles of Viggiano and they had one son, Henry Nicola.

Don Nicola Henry Loffredo (+ 19-11-1749), 9th Marquess of Trevico from 1699, 7th Marquess of Sant'Agata, 13th Count of Potenza, Lord of San Sossio, Zungoli and Migliano seu Miglianello from 1699, 1 Prince of Migliano from 1710. He married Geneva Grillo of Marquis Clarafuentes and dukes of Mondragone, by whom he had five children: Eleanor Violante and Francesca, Mariantonia and Teresa and Charles IV.

Don Carlo Loffredo IV (+ Napoli 15-04-1791), 2░ Prince of Migliano, 10th Marquess of Trevico from 1749, 8th Marquess of Sant'Agata, 14th Count of Potenza, Lord of San Sossio and Zungoli from 1749, Patrizio Napoletano. Married Marianna Albani of Rome and they had nine children: Francis V, Ferrante, Gerardo, Maria Rosa, Antonia Maria, Camilla Livia, Teresa and Magdalene.

Don Francesco Loffredo V (+ 18...), 3rd Prince of Migliano, 11th Marquess of Trevico from 1791, 9th Marquis of Sant'Agata, 15th Count of Potenza, Lord of San Sossio and Zungoli since 1791, Patrizio Napoletano. Married Maria Francesca of Sangro, Viggiano princess who gave him his only daughter Geneva.

Donna Geneva Loffredo (* Naples 12-11-1773 + ?), 4░ Princess of Migliano, 5░ Princess of Viggiano, 12░ Marchioness of Trevico 10░ Marchioness of Sant'Agata, Marchioness of Zungoli and 16░ Countess of Potenza; 9░ Marchioness of Monteforte by inheritance of his cousin in 1827. He married his uncle Gerard, in 1790, from where had Marianna and Francesca.

Donna Marianne Loffredo (* Naples 10-8-1803 + 1-1-1833), 5░ Princess of Migliano, 6░ Princess of Viggiano, 13░ Marchioness of Trevico, 11th Marchioness of Sant'Agata, 10th Marchioness of Monteforte, Marchioness of Zungoli and 17░ Countess of Potenza. He married, the 20 October 1825, Francesco Caracciolo, prince of Santobuono, from which had a daughter, Maria Luisa Caracciolo.

Donna Maria Luisa Caracciolo (* Naples 06-10-1826 +there 23-8-1853), 7th Princess of Viggiano, 6░ Princess of Migliano, 14░ Marchioness of Trevico, Marchioness of Zungoli, 11░ Marchioness of Monteforte, 12░ Marchioness of Sant'Agata and 18░ Countess of Potenza since 1834, renounced his father's feuds in favor of his uncle. She married Francis Sanfelice of the Dukes of Bagnoli and died without heirs and descendants since the fourth degree. Therefore, all titles of nobility of Loffredo, returned to the Crown in 1847.

Prince Don Francesco Emmanuel PINTO Y MENDOZA (* Naples 08-07-1788 + Capodimonte 01-04-1875), 5░ Principe of Ischitella since 1824, 7░ Prince of Migliano, 15░ Marquess of Trevico and Marquis of Sant'Agata, Patrizio Napoletano. After the fall of Kingdom of Two Sicilies went into exile in Paris. Son of Maria Antonia Loffredo, daughter of Charles IV, and Pasquale Pinto, asked the titles of Loffredo in 1855 as a descendant of fifth grade.

Princess Donna Maria Antonia Pinto y Mendoza (* 29-07-1806 + 29-12-1894), 6th Princess of Ischitella, 8th Princess of Migliano, 16░ Marchioness of Trevico and Marchioness of Sant'Agata since 1875, daughter and heir of Prince Don Francesco and Donna Teresa Serra of Princes of Gerace.

Prince Don Ascanio Del Tufo (* 24-02-1831 + 19-05-1914), 7░ Prince of Ischitella, 9░ Prince of Migliano, 5░ Duke of San Demetrio, 7th Duke of Rocca Mandolfi, 17th Marquis of Trevico, 8th Marquess of San Marco, 6░ Marquess of Matino, Marquis of Collelungo and Patrizio of Aversa.

Princess Donna Maria Concetta Del Tufo (* Naples 08-12-1858 + there 17-2-1939), 8░ Princess of Ischitella, 9th Princess of Migliano, 6th Duchess of San Demetrio, 8th Duchess of Rocca Mandolfi, 18░ Marchioness of Trevico 9th Marchioness of San Marco, 7th Marchioness of Matino and Marchioness of Collelungo since 1914.

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