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Origin of name

The town's name probably derives from the Latin Tres Vici, indicating a set of three villages: S. Giuseppe and Taverna of Noci in Vallesaccarda, S. Pietro Olivola to Puglia. Some derive its name from the Goddess Trivia that once had a temple on this mountain and was positioned to protect the trivia.

During the medieval period was called Vicum or Vico (as is mentioned in the Catalogus Baronum, 1150-1168). The city resumes Trivicum name in the mid sixteenth century on the initiative of the Marquis Ferdinando Loffredo. In some ancient texts, is also mentioned the name Trivium, to be considered precisely as the intersection of three roads.

In some of Bulls of 1153 of Pope Anastasius and of 1157 of Adrian IV, direct to the Archdiocese of Benevento, is called Monte of Vico, perhaps to distinguish it from other countries such as Vico Equense, Vico of Capitanata, Vico of Biscunis and Vico Pantano.

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