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The Diocese

Trevico was an episcopal see for about a millennium (hence the reason of the name of City), probably from 1058, year that is mentioned for the first time in a Bull of Pope Stephen IX, until 1818, when, following the reform of the diocese Neapolitan made by a bull of Pope Pius VII, was joined to the Diocese of Lacedonia. There is no certain information about its origin. In the acts of the Roman Council of the Pope John XII, in the year 964, was intervened a Benedictus Trevicensis proving the existence of the bishopric already in the X century, while there is no evidence about the existence of the African bishop St. Mark that, between 455 and 534, was Christianized the territory.
The Diocese of Trevico, suffragan of Benevento city, included the current municipalities of Flumeri with church collegiate, dean, canons and convent of the Franciscans, S. Nicola Baronia, Castel Baronia where the Bishop spent most of year, Carife, Trevico, Vallesaccarda, Scampitella and Anzano. The Chapter consists of twelve canons preceded by four dignity of archdeacon, archpriest, primicerius and treasurer in addition to the penitentiary and theologian. In it were 5 parishes, 4 convents (two at Castel Baronia of Friars Minor and Benedictine Order of Montevergine, and one in Flumeri and one in Carife), 3 monasteries of nuns and one of beggars.
Between 1430 and 1652, along the road leading to the present fraction Molini of Trevico, on the fountain Pescarella, there was a virgins monastery with annexed the Church dedicated to the Madonna of Neve.
In 1550, Pope Julius III granted to Chapter of Trevico honors and privileges about the choral clothes and the election of its chapter members.
The first Bishop of which has historical record is Amato between 1136 and 1143. The last Bishop Gregory was instead Golino between 1792 and 1813.
In 1867, following the suppression of churches not cathedrals, also Trevico lost Chapter and the related canons, including the theologian Don Andrea Calabrese and Don Generoso Montieri who were put into retirement.

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