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The Rivers

The river Ufita , right tributary of the Calore, was born from the western side of the plateau of Formicoso, washes the feet of the mountain of Trevico, widens under Flumeri creating one of the largest valleys of Campania internal and, near Apice, well outside the territory of Baronia, flows into the heat which, in turn, is tributary of the Volturno.
He was born in different branches, about 800 meters high, between Vallata, Sferracavallo and Pila of Toppa, a tributary of right river Calore Irpino in Castiglione. Up to Grottaminarda, largely along the road Melito Irpino- Grottaminarda-Ponte Doganella and has a rather limited due to exploitation irrigation especially in the area of Flumeri. Only from the confluence with the river Fiumarella begins to acquire water so constant and to assume more of the character of the river stream.
The river, about 50 km long, has performed very twisty and crosses the following municipalities mostly in the province of Avellino: Vallata, Guardia Lombardi, Carife, Castelbaronia, Sturno, Frigento, Flumeri, Grottaminarda, Ariano Irpino, Melito Irpino, Bonito, Apice (BN) and Montecalvo Irpino. Its tributaries right are: Vallone Anselice of Palazzesi, Fiumarella Stream, Stream Miscanello, River Mescano.
Its main tributary is the River Fiumarella that defines, in part, the boundary of Baronia from the west side, North-West, North. Although this river has a tortuous but short that develops between the towns of Scampitella and Flumeri.
Beyond this stream, we find the other countries of Baronia, S. Sossio Baronia and, Vallesaccarda that extend their territories to the highlands of Montuccio and Molara.
The river Calaggio marks the geographical border from the east side of Baronia. It comes as the Ufita, from the plateau of the Formicoso in Valloneof Toppa, and heads towards the Adriatic, where, with the creek Gennaro form the stream Carapelle and stretches for about 35 km. The municipalities that overlook this river are Vallata and Scampitella northward where, a thin strip of land in the town of Trevico, separates it from the stream Fiumarella.
The valley Calaggio, narrow and deep in the initial section, widens as it moves away from the mountain of Trevico.

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