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The Territory

Currently the Baronia includes the towns of Trevico, Vallesaccarda, Scampitella, Vallata, Carife, Castel Baronia, San Nicola Baronia, S. Sossio Baronia and Flumeri, and is a unique mountainous relief, bordered by three rivers in a large triangle having as basis the Ufita and the homonymous valley that runs from Vallata (southeast) in Flumeri (southwest), and for sides the Fiumarella (from the west, northwest, north) and the Calaggio to east to rejoin you to north towards Scampitella.

The territory of Baronia
The territory is hilly and passes by 45m. altitude of the lower valley of Ufita to 1094 m. of Trevico that dominates the landscape of the valley. The soil is clayey, with layers of limestone and its friability allowed water to shape it into alternating ridges, channels compluvium and hillocks shaped domes said Toppole that, following one another, link up the heights of Trevico with the expanses of the valley of Ufita.
The Territory The environment is home to species, bred, beef, goat and sheep. The many forests, such as the Defense (6 ha) of San Nicola Baronia, with conifers and oaks, in locations Serrapolla (15 ha) and the Third Middle (60 ha) of Vallata, provide shelter to numerous wild animal species including foxes, wolves, wild cats, badgers, hedgehogs, martens, wild boars, birds of prey (red kite, hawk, goshawk), partridge, shrikes, harriers, pigeons, woodcock, pheasants, doves, struts, biacchi, Coronelle, frogs, tree frogs, toads and yellow-bellied crested newts, as well as migratory birds in transit, they found the ideal habitat.
The Territory Area of cereals from the age old, the territory of the Baronia of Vico is exploited for agriculture and pastoralism, presenting, therefore, the cultivated and wild flora typical of these human activities. Among the species characteristics, also hops and corn. Wild species, or introduced but have consolidated up to be spontaneous, ilex and durmast trees, oaks, flowering ash, hornbeam, chestnut, beech, willow, holly trees, herbs and orchids.

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