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Church of Addolorata

Church of Addolorata
Founded by St. William, was restored after the earthquake of 1980 and inaugurated in 1994. Initially, he had only one altar dedicated to the Madonna of the Addolorata, dressed in black with gold embroidery. Then, by the heirs of N.D. Judith Petrilli Maffei, was given a marble altar on the left side. In the niche above it stands a statue of the Sacred Heart dates back to 1870. On the front door was an old organ of 1906, of great artistic value, which today is located in the Cathedral after the restoration completed in 2004. The feast of the Addolorata Madonna is celebrated on the Tuesday after Pentecost.
Below are some decrees bearing gifts attesting the existence of a chapel Santa Maria of the Addolorata since 1826.
(N. 594) Decree because the chapel of St. Mary of the Addolorata of Trevico in Principato Ultra can accept the donation of D. Marcellino Pagliarulo with his testament of September 6, 1799 notarized by a notary Alessandro di Spirito . (Naples, March 12, 1826) *
(N. 813) Decree authorizing the chapel of St. Mary of Addolorata in Trevico in the Principato Ulteriore to accept the donation on behalf of that prepared by D. Paglia Orsola with public testament of February 25, 1845 for the notary in Vallata Stanislaus Leone, with the terms and conditions stated herein, and unless the straight of third and notamento of the gift and obligations annexed to the stalls of the chapel. (Naples, December 23, 1853) *

* Collezione delle leggi e de' decreti reali del Regno delle Due Sicilie. Anno 1826, 1853.

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