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The Castle

The Castle On the highest point of the country are preserved the ruins of the medieval castle consisting of defensive curtain walls in which there are six windows and a cylindrical tower on a base of Aragonese period. Uncertain is the era of building the structure. According to some, the use of brick with mortar would think of the construction techniques of the Romans. Others, they would go back to the Norman period. Howeveris talked about it already in 1078 when Gradilone, lord of the castle of Vico, participated in a revolt against Robert Guiscard but took him and made him out the eyes conquering the city of Trevico.
Throughout the Middle Ages was inhabited by barons and marquises who made it a center of secure domain. Inside Castle had great workshops, mills and stores of victuals. Over the centuries it underwent several assaults and from XV century, it lost its importance and was gradually abandoned to neglect of time and population.

The Castle In 1951 it was used by the Air Force Meteorological Station. Currently, the station has been demolished and rebuilt on the side of the castle and its ruins have been brought to light, a witness to the unity ethnic, geographical and political of the territory of Baronia.
In 1936, at the foot of the castle were planted the oaks of the Forest of Empire that hides the great wall remained standing still.

The Castle

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