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The Monument to War Memorial

The War Memorial At the end of Via Roma, the main road axis of medieval agglomeration, is the main square, named after the prof. Nicola Ferrara, a distinguished professor at the University of Naples, which made her realize in 1924 on the occasion of Coronation of the Madonna of Libera. In the square, opposite the Cathedral, stands the Monument to War Memorial, work of prof. Nasti Naples, opened on September 28 1924. It is surmounted by an eagle about to take the flight and was built in the square on the initiative of the same prof. Ferrara to commemorate the fallen of the two World Wars. On its sides, in fact, are inscribed the names of citizens who died in combat.
Monument to War Memorial The wars were for citizens of Trevico a difficult period given the difficulties in finding essential supplies especially for those who lived in the hamlets. In 1943 he was introduced individual ration card with which, young people aged between 9 and 18 years, could withdraw essential supplies of booking and within a specified period.

Place Nicola Ferrara

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