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The Palace Scola

The Palace Scola
In the heart of the historic center, a few meters from the square of Sorrows and Via Roma, is the birthplace of Ettore Scola in which the director has spent his childhood before moving to Rome.
The apartment, owned by the family Scola since its construction, over the years has succeeded in father to son, until you get to the children of Dr. Giuseppe Scola, Peter and Hector that, in 2003, they decided to donate the house to the City of Trevico so be shifted to socio-cultural initiatives for the community whole Baronia.
Scola accessible from the alley, through a doorway with a flight of stone steps, the structure has undergone some repair work following the earthquake of 1980. With an area of about 350 square meters and a terrace of 80 sqm, the apartment has several spacious and bright from which you can admire a beautiful panorama, a stone fireplace, an antique wooden wardrobe and a fresco.
The Palace Scola renovated
Recently it has been restored to the recovery of the apartment and the conversion to center socio-cultural. The new structure contains cinemas area and large photos of film of Scola.

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