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Port'Alba At the entrance to Via Roma, central street axis of the agglomeration medieval, is still existing Porta Jacovella or Port'Alba of 1578. Consists of a round arch composed of adjacent double blocks of square stone, supported by two lavic stone pillars and surmounted by a loggia in which was probably placed a statue of the Goddess Trivia, the patron deity of the country from which he might have taken the name. Superiorly shows three coats of arms, including that of Vico Loffredo, gentlemen of the place from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. It was precisely the Loffredo to encircle the town of walls by opening three doors one of which is Port'Alba, facing east, the other two of which there is no trace, are: Porta del Ricetto, adjacent to the current home Calabrese facing south, towards the current Ariella locality which was then "forest"; Porta of Calderai, close to home Ippolito Petrilli, facing west, towards the hamlets of Baronia and Aeclanum. In 1715, the remains of the latter were transferred to the current house Calabrese where a plaque still remember the event for which you not know the grounds.

Port'Alba is now the symbol of this small community and has been, as it is today, the protagonist of curious traditions. The brides, in fact, on the day of their marriage, they pass through the arch as a sign of good luck. On the occasion of the funeral, the coffin through the arch to free the soul from earthly sins.


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